Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles is Out

Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles is Out

The Privacy Research Association ( ), in order to ensure the principles of: transparency, personal model and professional deontology, has developed and approved the Code of Conduct and ethical principles (hereinafter the Code).

The provisions of this Code apply to employees, associate members, clients and contracted consultants who perform tasks on behalf of the Association and define a minimum standard of conduct and ethics among them.

The Code, divided into 2 chapters: Personal Conduct, and Personal Data Security and Data Privacy, regulate key areas in cooperation with the above mentioned stakeholders, such as: problems notification , reporting of sanctions and combating corruption with the protection of the whistle-blower, non-profit ethics and the personal and financial interests of other business enterprises, confidentiality and discretion in dealing with customers requests, also objective cooperation with media and the general public.

Moreover, the provisions of the Code have been adjusted to promote the UN’s objectives of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility in terms of tackling infringements across fundamental humanitarian principles and fundamental human rights, corruption, money laundering, fraud and, in particular, environmental damage as cases of serious, unacceptable risks in the activity of the Association.

Finally, we reiterate that without the application of the benchmark, the Association will not be able to enjoy the good reputation and trust of individuals, clients, partners and society in general when it comes to contributing to the implementation of the credibility and proportionality of the application requirements in the field of right to privacy and protection of personal data. Download the Code of Conduct and Ethics Principles in Romanian:  Codul de conduită și principiile de etică.