Who are the partners on the position goal

  • Those who hold information about private life, or
  • Those who have the right to access any information about private life

Groups targeted by Association:

Data subjects: individuals, citizens and residents of the Republic of Moldova

The fundamental pillar of the protection of personal data and respect for the right to private life are citizens and residents, natural persons living on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, whose fundamental rights will be ensured by the Association. Particular attention will be given to children in the context of information socity services in the online environment, TV, radio, etc. respecting the higher interests of the child.

Public agencies

Public institutions, whilst exercising their powers and competences, collect and process a massive number of personal data. Taking into account the diverse fields and scope of public service provision, each institution has an important role to play in promoting state policies while respecting the principles of personal data protection and the right to privacy.

Controllers, processors and data protection officers from public agencies and civil society organizations

Much of the work of the Association will focus on working with those responsible for the protection of personal data within the public agencies, including those from Transnistria, to identify issues and challenges that interfere with the protection of personal data.