THE ASSOCIATION is committed to promote and taking over the European standards, unique in the field of personal data protection and right to privacy, at national level and within the Eastern Partnership countries.

THE VISION of the Association is to contribute to the harmonization of the national and European dialogue to ensure the proportionality between the right to intimate, family and private life, and the right to protection of personal data in relation to other competing rights, including in the on-line environments.


Collection of information about private life by public authorities or private entities and their use for the purpose of carrying out their own tasks and objectives:

– Accessing of the main state information systems (State Population Register, State Register of Law Units, Registry of Real Estate – Cadastre, Border Crossing Register).


  • Ensuring the proportionality between the rights to privacy and other competing rights inherent in the human being
  • Informing data subjects about the rights they have in the field of right to privacy, including data operators about the tasks and responsibilities to be ensured in relation to the processing of personal data
  • Informing public authorities, the private sector and civil society on the issues related to the right to privacy in relation to the processing of personal data
  • Exclusion of erroneous and unqualified opinions on the issue of ensuring the right to privacy in connection with the processing of personal data
  • Providing data subjects support in the field of intimate, family and private life protection through personal data processing, including in the electronic communications and e-commerce sector