The Privacy Research Association presents its Development and Communication Strategy to the public and its partners for the period 2018-2022.

Through this Strategy, public policy initiatives and related field activities on personal data and right to privacy will be proposed, in order to uphold the outreach, raise awareness, capacity building and support for legal entities by facilitating the conclusion of partnerships between the state and society.

An important part of our role is to take over the European legal standards in the field of personal data protection and the right to privacy, and to cooperate with public authorities to harmonise the national regulatory framework to ensure and provide uniform and consistent protection of personal data of data subjects.

The strategy has been developed taking into account the target groups to whom it is addressed, which is directed to:

  1. personal data subjects: natural persons, citizens and residents of the Republic of Moldova;
  2. public authorities;
  3. data controllers, processors and data protection officers  in charge of personal data protection in public institutions and civil society organisations.

The document can be accessed here: PRA_Strategy_EN